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Have you seen the lastest post on my blog Pastel Friday
Wearing mint love crop sweater by @shopav  (at
Have you check my lastest post on blog ?   (at
Grown Up Girl 
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Why I should win this bag? 
Because it deserves for me. LOL. No! But yes! I mean.. I should win this bag because I love your style and every cute things that you wear, I love the colour of your hair, it just so cuteeeeeee. Hey but the way, do you really live in Batam? Because I live in Tanjungpinang and I really want to meet you, one of my favorite fashion blogger. I hope I win this cute yin yang bag @gabriellaolivia #pinkmonstergiveaway 
Mmm, btw would you like to visit and follow my blog? i’ve follow yours #teteupmodus 
Lots of love, Avi<33333333333333333
Grown Up Girl (by Avi Piliang)
Regram @satrioadjiep  (at
Wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. Go check my new post on the blog! ;)  (at
DIY floral hotpants without my sewing machine :” #purapurajadifashionstudent #ganbatte
I do love from the first sight<3
Day 3: today was biology and tomorow is chemistry. It’ll kill me slowly..
I’m wearing cupcake stripes in pink-tosca from @shopav. It’s cute, me like it. Recomended!! Go grab yours only at @shopav ;))  (at Avi’s Cute Little Castle)