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Stalking @shopav ‘s sweater collection
Good morning #praexam #praexamupdate #itsatrap  (at Avi’s Cute Little Castle)
Out of control #praexamupdate #praexam #generationstress #stress #crazy #student #warrior #fighting #fighter #instagirl #instadaily #onlygodcanjudgeme (at Avi’s Cute Little Castle)
The second stop of our night trip  @ranimaha_maharani  (at Riku Coffee Factory)
Friday night’s out with @ranimaha_maharani #fridaynight #tgif #chill (at Airways Caffee)
TGIF  (at Avi’s Cute Little Castle)
󾇅󾭊 !contest time!󾭊󾇅

mind to join ur random photograph contest?
please kindly follow all hosts ;

󾬒 @sititiara
󾬒 @angelinnas
󾬒 @auroramzg
󾬒 @shakila02
󾬒 @Nazirayesha
󾬒 @aveeiii 

R U L E S 󾔿
- mbf all hosts󾬏no follow no win:)
- tag your photo(s) with #randomphotograph4 
- you only allowed to tag/post your OWN photos ok󾮟 unlimited entries
- like min 3 photo of host:)
- comment / tag 3 friends who might be interested󾁀

P R I Z E S 󾭖
- 1 snapback
- apps pro for apple using id
- shoutout from all hosts 󾬍
- spam of likes
- name on bio for a day
- overlays & wallpaper 
- 25 movie+theme
- How to get free igc (10$-50$) lory stripes,WTA.
- Apps pro andro

󾭖deadline ; dec 14 / voting ; dec 14-16 / announcement ; dec 17󾭖
lets join
#rippaulwalker #ripguywhodiedwithhim #stillunbelieveablepaulwalkerisdied
I was wearing polka dolki(the way i call polkadot dress) and a coat on friday night and I also wearing Mary Monster Jane by @ shopav . Btw, rest in peace, Paul Walker :” #rippaulwalker #blackfriday #thanksgiving #latepost #averylatepost #tgif #ootd #fashionblogger  (at Avi’s Cute Little Castle)
Just watched my movie, btw I’m Avi as Katniss Everdeen. And this cute Mary Monster Jane Heels by @shopav made my day. Love it! <3 (at Studio 21)